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LainePoiss® is affordable buoy that measures sea wave height, period and other properties. It follows sea surface movement to capture wave parameters. LainePoiss® can be used as drifter or moored buoy. Calculations are made in real-time inside the device and sent to the server using wireless communication. Buoy is lightweight, compact, durable and made to survive in ice water. The measurement method is validated by multiple tests in laboratory and in real world. It is easy to deploy and returns accurate real-time data from the sea. LainePoiss® can be used for various monitoring, engineering and research applications. Years of work done at sea. Real-time data is available from Live dashboard.

LainePoiss at sea


  • Marine conditions monitoring, analysis and forecasting
  • Marine construction projection
  • Environmental change monitoring and analysis
  • Wave energy generator analysis and design optimization
  • Offshore wind power farm monitoring
  • Scientific research

Skulte harbour


  • Quantifying the wave regime in Skulte harbour (4th largest port of Latvia) in order to provide wave data for harbour design engineers and to validate/calibrate numerical models.
  • Ruhnu island inhabitants rely their lives on a ferry traffic and Ringsu harbour is the gateway. In certain wave conditions it is unsafe for the ferry to enter/leave the port and a possible mitigation would be extending the protective pier. LainePoiss® is used to quantify the wave regime around the harbour to find the best configuration of the new pier. This work is done in cooperation with Lainemudel OÜ and Saarte Liinid AS.
  • LainePoiss® is used to quantify the wave regime at planned offshore wind farms near Saaremaa island in Estonia.
  • LainePoiss® is used to quantify the wave regime at planned offshore wind farms near Kihnu island in Estonia.
  • Buoy is used as drifter to improve the accuracy of SAR (Search and Rescue) and oil drift model.
  • LainePoiss® delivers real-time wave data to ensure safe operations during the construction phase of the Paldiski LNG terminal.
  • The Estonian Environmental Agency uses LainePoiss® for real-time wave monitoring in Lake Peipsi, the 4th largest lake in Europe.
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology uses LainePoiss® for real-time wave monitoring in deep Norwegian fjords near Alesund.
  • A high resolution wave forecast system is being developed for Estonian coastal sea. LainePoiss® is the core infrastructure for validation of the forecast.
  • LainePoiss® has been used to measure wave-ice interactions in the Baltic Sea marginal ice zone and in the Antarctic marginal ice zone.

Top connectors

Ease of Use

LainePoiss® is lightweight and compact. This makes deployment possible using small boat or flying drone. There is no need to open the buoy hull and risk water ingress. Device is started and stopped using magnet. Waterproof connectors on the top of the device make it possible to recharge internal battery and get access to collected data without using any tools.

Side view contour Top view contour

Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Mass 5.5 kg
Diameter 36 cm
Height 23 cm
Sensor type inertial measurement unit (MEMS)
Wave height accuracy ±1 cm
High frequency cut-off 1.28 Hz
Raw data output rate 50 Hz
Projected sail area 0.01 m2
Communication cellular LTE and/or satellite Iridium
Rechargeable battery ≥ 4 months
Primary battery ≥ 10 months
Safety light on/off 50/150 lux

Wave tank 1

About Us

LainePoiss® is developed by WiseParker OÜ.
Development and testing is in cooperation with Department of Marine Systems at Tallinn University of Technology.

WiseParker logo WiseParker OÜ
MSI logo Department of Marine Systems
at Tallinn University of Technology

LainePoiss® is proudly manufactured in Estonia.

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